BYF : Tone indicators are appreciated when speaking to me, please do try not to overuse them! I will post art that may contain: Eyestrain, weapons, blood, etc.

DNI : Zoophiles, NSFW accounts, LGBT fetishists, Proshippers/comshippers, LGBT flag discourse participants, those who believe fiction does not/cannot affect reality, exclusionists (esp those against nb lesbians/sapphics)



Ethnicity: Hispanic
Sexuality: unlabeled mspec

Fnaf (esp Michael Afton), Tøp, TUA (esp Five Hargreeves), LPS, & LSOH
Unnecessary discourse, overuse of tone indicators, NFTs and cryptobros, Ragebait accounts

•Do not dm me things like “hi” or any messages without context if we are not close friends
•Do not spam like me under any circumstances even if you mean well
•Do NOT vent in my dms or in my comments under any circumstances
•My prices are firm when it comes to items I sell on my shop and the art I create as well, do not try and haggle
•Do not attempt to block evade, if I have blocked you, I have a reason and do not owe you an explanation
Breaking these rules can result in getting blacklisted/blocked.